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Clean Seal closed cell sponge extrusions are available in standard and custom dies . EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile and Silicone compounds are available. (Note Key indicating the make-up of stock dies.)
The extrusions are available in continuous lengths and intricate profile shapes, but can be cut to length to meet your specifications. Our vulcanizing service offers you the option to shape the extrusion to meet your application around windows, doors and other seal requirements.


The majority of the rubber extrusions from Clean Seal are medium density (45-50 durometer shore 00) while a selected few are dense (65-70 durometer shore A)


Clean Seal pressure sensitive adhesives are available for a wide variety of applications. Our Heavy-Duty-Requirement adhesive is an extremely aggressive adhesive specifically formulated to meet Clean Seal stringent requirements. This adhesive is available in either a rubber-based or an acrylic-based formula to meet your specific needs and is available on most of the extruded profiles listed in our catalog.

Clean Seal is also able to apply 3MTM Weatherstrip Attachment Tape with high tech equipment. In addition to the Heat Activated Tape System (HATS) Clean Seal now offers 3MTM Silicone/Acrylic Double Coated Film Tape available for most of our sponge silicone profiles.

These adhesives fit most applications including door jams, lid or cap closures, and locations that involve the human contact element.


Clean Seal extrusions meet original equipment manufacturer and fabricator specifications for a multitude of seal and gasket applications. In-service applications are evaluated to determine the best and most cost-effective polymer for your requirements.


Clean Seal offers a variety of foam sealant products. They are available in Volara, EPDM and Neoprene. The extrusions are available in both standard and custom dies.


Because of its reliability of performance under a wide range of difficult service conditions, engineers often chose silicone rubber. Silicone becomes more cost-effective when the costs of fabrication, maintenance, and installation are considered. Silicone is available in a variety of standard dies and may be offered in additional configurations according to your requirements.

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