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Teflon Gaskets GaskeTech is a proud JM Clipper distributor offering your company all the quality products you can find under JM Clipper name. JM Clipper is a leader in sealing solutions for thousands of applications in almost all industrial markets throughout the world. JM Clipper designs, manufactures, and sells one of the broadest selections of sealing devices to contain or control liquids and gases from escaping into the environment.

GaskeTech as a JM Clipper distributor offers your company all the advantages of JM Clipper products with a customized service.

Over many decades, JM Clipper has developed its manufacturing process and customer service philosophy to provide value-added, high-quality sealing components to the most demanding specifications.


As a division of Johns Manville until 1989, JM Clipper has manufactured specialty sealing components since the 1870s. The JM Clipper name began with the highly successful Clipper Oil Seal developed to control oil leaks on the Pan Am Clipper aircraft flying the Pacific in the 1930s.

Advertisements indicate the company was manufacturing "steam packing" as early as 1871 and gasket materials in 1891. During the early 1900s, the company specialized in rope, pump packing, and industrial textiles. By the 1930s, compressed gasket sheet and molded rubber reciprocating seals were added. Firmly established in rubber processing, JM Clipper then developed the Clipper Oil Seal which grew into today's full line of radial oil seals.


JM Clipper offers a broad line of radial seals include Clipper Oil Seals, Split Seals, High and Medium Pressure Seals, Clipper SlipTiteT High-Performance Seals, Millennium Metallic Bearing Isolators and ProTechT Labyrinth Seals.

Today, JM Clipper's dedicated sales force and 2,000 independent distributors worldwide service 500 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and many thousands of industrial plants. Key markets include heavy equipment, aerospace, marine, oilfield, refining, chemical, mining, power generation, pulp and paper, primary metals, and other heavy industrial markets.


JM Clipper meets customer needs with a wide range of new and proven technologies. These include close-tolerance machined PTFE, flexible graphite, unique rubber/fiber composites as well as more traditional rubber, plastic, and textile products. These materials are all utilized at the company's 205,000 square-foot facility in Nacogdoches, Texas, which opened in the mid-1980s.

The Redmond Plastics plant in Marion, New York, molds and machines filled and virgin PTFE, PEEKT, and RytonT on the most modern CNC machines. This facility is equipped to respond to EDI, bar code, quality, and certification requirements.


In 1994, Det Norske Veritas Industries of the Netherlands completed its ISO audit and JM Clipper gained ISO-9001 certification for manufacturing, product design, and engineering which adds yet a higher level of quality assurance.

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