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JM Clipper offers DynaGraph Gasket Technology for All Advanced Bolted Joints
ElastaGraph™ Flange Gaskets: World's only corrugated metal gasket individually molded from vermiform graphite.


JM Clipper Flange Gaskets are made by infusing a seamless layer of flexible graphite at varying densities and thicknesses over a corrugated metallic core. JM Clipper Flange Gaskets are made with ElastaGraph™ that utilizes a unique corrugated pattern which increases the depth of the groove and the pitch at the peak of the corrugation. This greatly improves the gasket's seability over traditional corrugated designs.


The increase pitch and groove depth increase on ElastraGraph's recovery or "spring back" and reduces the surface area of the gasket or greater unit load at initial torque as well as lower minimum seating stress. By using this technology, JM Clipper Flange Gaskets offer bolt stability and increased load retention during thermal cycling. The proprietary production process allows the graphite to be applied without the "seam" that is present in other gaskets fabricated from flexible graphite sheets. The inner diameter of JM Clipper Flange gaskets using ElastaGraph™ is incapsulated by high-density flexible graphite, increasing seability many times over traditional designs. The traditional designs create a leak path and contribute to stress corrosion of the metal insert. The JM Clipper Flange gaskets also eliminates the mylar/polyester film adhesive used in traditional gasket designs which contributes to volume and bolt torque loss.


JM Clipper Flange Gaskets use ElastraGraph, a material that was developed specifically to solve fugitive emission and compliance problems. It also performs well in bolted joints that experience thermal cycling or limited initial bolt load. ElastGraph is the most economical way of meeting low emission requirements.


Sealing Material - Flexible graphite has been widely recognized as the material of choice in combining excellent thermal stability with corrosion resistance (nuclear grade available).

Metal Carrier - 314SS is the standard carrier.

The flexible graphite completely covers the I.D. of the metal ring providing total corrosion resistance.


The physical or chemical properties of JM Clipper Flange Gaskets represent typical average values obtained in accordance with accepted test methods and are subject to normal manufacturing variations. They are supplied as a technical service and are subject to change without notice.

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