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Spiral-Wound Gaskets Quality Construction

Available in a full range of styles and materials, JM Clipper's spiral-wound gaskets are manufactured in accordance with ASME B 16.20 for use in all industry flanges, including ASME B 16.5 and ASME B 16.47, Series A&B. JM Clipper™ assures strict adherence to these specifications as routine inspection procedures are applied throughout the manufacturing process. In addition, they maintain traceability of all materials used in their gasket construction to provide material certifications as required. JM Clipper™ maintains ISO 9001 Certification. Choose from the following styles and materials.

JM Clipper™ Metal Gaskets Styles

S: Spiral Winding Only
SI: Spiral Winding with Inner Ring
SP: Spiral Winding with Pass Partitions
SR: Spiral Winding with Outer Ring
SRI: Spiral Winding with Outer Ring and Inner Ring
SRP: Spiral Winding with Outer Ring and Pass Partitions
SM,SH: Spiral Winding for Manholes and Handholes

SR - Spiral Windings with Outer Rings

Style SR gaskets are available in standard sizes as detailed in the following charts. Additionally, style SR can be custom made to meet specified dimensions. Both standard and custom SR's are manufactured in the full range of winding metals, filler materials and outer ring alloys.

Inner Ring Gaskets

Styles SRI and SI include a solid metal inner ring generally fab¬ricated from the same metal as the winding. The inner ring is designed to minimize turbulence in process material flow and to prevent inward distortion of the spiral-wound gasket element.

SM, SH Manhole and Handhole Gaskets

Designed for standard manhole cover assemblies, as well as boiler handholes and tubecaps, styles SM and SH are manufactured in all materials and fillers. Common shapes include round, oval , obround, pear, diamond, rectangle and square.

S Spiral Windings Only

Style S consists of winding with no inner or outer ring. Available in the full range of winding metals and filler materials, style S is manufactured to meet most dimensional requirements.

SRP and SP Spiral-Wound Gaskets with Pass Partitions

Styles SRP and SP include jacketed ribs in any configuration attached to the inside diameter of the spiral winding to serve as a partition for heat exchanger applications.The rib material generally corresponds to the metal in the winding.

Jacketed, Solid Metal and Camprofile Gaskets

JM Clipper™ manufactures a full line of metal gaskets including jacketed, corrugated, camprofile and plain solid in ring and ribbed configurations. Their metal gaskets are available in the full range of metals and fillers and are individually fabricated to meet customer specifications.

Leader in Metallic Gaskating

As the manufacturer of a quality line of metal sealing products, JM Clipper™ serves distributors world wide with outstanding customer service, unsurpassed turn-around, and competitive prices. Spiral-wound and other metal gaskets meet both industry and individual specifications. Their metal gaskets are available in a full range of styles, and in all varieties of materials.

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