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JM Clipper DistributorJM Clipper NBR Sheets are classified a follow

  • Style 978-C
  • Style 1078
  • Style NA-60

JM Clipper Oil Seals Style 978-C

Description: Style 978-C is a dense, aramid/inorganic fiber re-inforced, compressed, NBR sheet with a special, high temperature, anti-stick parting agent applied to both sides. It's high strengh and excellent resitance to hot creep and broad chemical resitance make it an ideal high performance gasket material.

Applications: JM Clipper oil seals style 978-C can be used for gasketing in piping, machinary, or equipment containing steam, petroleum based liquids, gases and mild acids or alkalines. It may also be used in most solvents excluding MEK and high aromatics. 978-C also has excellent sealability in ethylene glycol coolants and silicone fluids.

JM Clipper Oil Seals Style 1078

Description: Style 1078 WHITERILE is an off-white, compressed, NBR/synthetic fiber sheet that is recommended for service where color contamination is a concern. It is also a good choice for cutting intricate gaskets requiring especially clean cuts. Whith a high temperature parting agent as a standard surface treatment, 1078 is an excellent choice for general service gaskets.

Applications: JM Clipper oil seals style 1078 is recommended for use on process piping and equipment and all types of machinarey. It can be used in mild acids and alkalis, water, steam, gasses, oils and gasoline. It can be used in most solvents excluding MEK and high aromatics. 1078 also has excellent sealability in ethylene glycol coolants and silicone fluids.

JM Clipper Oil Seals Style NA-60

Description: Style NA-60 is a low cost, NBR/aramid fiber, compressed gasket made with all the great features of premium gasket materials without the cost. Only the best raw material are used, without compromise.

Applications: JM Clipper oil seals style NA-60 is recommended for general service gaskets on all machinery, process piping and equipment. It offers broad chemical resistance, cutability, flexibility and is low in cost.

Free samples, pricing and application recommendations are available through your GaskeTech representative at 1 (877) 762-7325.

Additional Testing

As part of JM Clipper's test program, PXT factors are tested at levels well over one million. JM Clipper laboratory testing, performed under optimum conditions, can provide some basis for a resonable comparison of various materials and it can explore probable operating limitations for these materials. Howerver, it cannot possibly duplicate actual operating conditions. The margin of variability, with respect to equipment, installations procedures, and operating enviroments, is so great that prudent engineering principals should be followed when specifying materials. Therefore, JM Clipper strongly recommend that you conduct controlled testing under actual operating conditions before accepting a material for your specific application.





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